Our mission is to teach children across the world to play the game of soccer using the DV7 method,
which allows them to develop their talent in the sport, while at the same time optimally fostering their personal values.

We look to associate with the best academies and clubs
in order to implement the DV7 Soccer Academy philosophy. Assist in these organizations’ growth so that they render the best service among the youth population, and ultimately becoming the sport’s frame of reference in their respective areas.


DV7 Method



Our model is based on the Spanish soccer methodology, which has proven effective and successful. It is the method that David Villa learned as a child and later perfected from the hand and guidance of some of the best trainers in history, such as: Aragonés, Guardiola, Del Bosque, and Simeone.


In our academy the founding principle is the integral formation of the athlete at the sports level (technical, tactical, and physical preparation), as well as the educational level (transmitting formative personal values, and creating healthy lifestyle choices), while supporting and encouraging the students’ study habits and general motivations.


Our teaching methodology divides the athletes by age group so that each individual player experiences different stages that have as objective the development of individual technical skills, as well as collective skills (tactical aspects of the game, and decision making abilities). The goal is to develop a natural and orderly progression in the performance of each individual athlete.


by DV7


We seek academies that share our vision of the sport, with competent and creative administrators that want to see their organization grow in the number of athletes as well as in better services and income generation.


Your academy will form part of the DV7 Soccer Academy family, which connotes a distinctive seal of quality, and it will receive the benefits of the sponsorship and media platform associated with the DV7 academy program.


We will implement our coaching philosophy and business model with these organizations. We will train local coaches in the best practices, and we will guide them on a daily basis with permanent DV7 coaches based at the academy in order to guarantee the correct teaching of our method.

Camps – Clinics – Tournaments

DV7 Soccer Academy also offers clubs the opportunity to
create unique camps and clinics in conjunction with our
team of coaches, trainers, and personnel.

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